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Collective Intelligence for Collective Action

We visualize complex challenges
to help people understand, collaborate, and act together.

Nexial better enables people to work through complex issues. Some call them wicked problems. Some call them intractable. We know they are out there and we need to tackle them.

Our interactive maps bring to life the elements and relationships that make issues complex, making it easier to navigate through them, create solutions and drive concerted action.

We build maps with our clients to drive faster decision-making, facilitate greater collaboration, and put long-lasting changes in place.

System Mapping Model

Our Offer

Nexial Maps

Nexial Maps

Thinking Tool

Our maps’ structure is designed to bridge the simple and the complex. The digital platform integrates visual elements and a back-end database to give information context and meaning.

Engagement Tool

Using smart and creative style Nexial helps reduce the ‘fear of complexity’. The visually stimulating platform provides multiple ways to engage, including intuitive map navigation, videos, voice-over-animations and surveys.

Partnership from Insight to Action

Partnership Graphic

Our Team

Our senior consultants work with you from problem definition through to generating solutions and driving engagement for action.


Professionals experienced in complex issues – from knowledge visualisation and systems thinking, through to global business strategy and implementation.

Support From Insight to Action

Planning, facilitation and upskilling of teams to better deal with complexity.

How We Work

We provide a mix of services, tailored to each project’s requirements.

To effectively drive change, maps must be carefully crafted: simple but not simplistic, comprehensive but not overwhelming, engaging but not distracting.

Our team has experience and expertise to guide you through the journey - we can lead and produce all the work, or partner with your team to provide support along the way.

Our aim is to increase people’s ability to deal with complexity in the long run and we flex our ways of working to your needs.

Check out 'How we work' for more details, and contact us to discuss what your own journey might look like.