Harness the
Power in Complexity

Nexial is a strategic thinking consultancy with the sole purpose of creating change in complex systems.

We engage and equip people with the tools and skills to drive sustainable transformation.

We combine insights, systems maps and a digital platform to amplify impact.

We are all immersed in multiple systems, all of the time.

They can be wickedly difficult and time-consuming to navigate.

Yet, complex systems are sophisticated and powerful. We help you harness the power in complexity to meet the demands of your challenge.

What is your challenge?

  • To strategise & design sustainable operating models
  • To create forward-looking & innovative solutions
  • To build pathways to thriving cities
  • To design equitable & regenerative systems
  • To catalyse radical collaboration across networks

Let’s get ambitious.

Tell us about it

Travel Through Complexity

The need for system change is often clear but making change happen requires the right approach.

We bring decades of experience, diverse expertise, creativity and tools along with loads of energy to set you up for the journey.

We equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools to perform better in situations of complex, rapid and demanding change.

Our offer

Nexial brings you along on a journey, to dive deep into the complexity that we need to master. Together we stretch your ambitions, strategise and drive collective action.

  • Insights & engagement facilitation, to explore the systemic nature of your challenges and opportunities – with or for your team.
  • We co-create system maps  to make complexity tangible and approachable. Visual tools make it easier and more fluid to explore options as you design your strategy and build your action plans.
  • A digital platform to enable groups to integrate and share knowledge and learning; to enhance collaboration and strengthen the impact of their collective work.

Seeing myself on the map and exploring with other colleagues all the relationships made me realize how I could influence changes in many different ways. It gave me a strong sense of agency.

Workshop participant

How We Work

No two adventures are the same.
Projects are tailored to each traveller’s needs & ambitions.


A well-planned approach is essential. We work with you to define the problem and the critical dimensions to be explored. Together we plan the project and align on the best path forward.

Plan the Journey


We gather and integrate the best available knowledge and diverse perspectives to generate insights and create a comprehensive view of the system.

Research, Analyse & Map

We facilitate collective intelligence with engagement approaches that promote efficient collaboration, create shared purpose, and drive meaningful, coherent change.

Engage & Drive Action

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