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Nexial Maps

Thinking Tool

Bridge the simple and the complex
The structure and hierarchy of groupings make it possible to detail and reveal sub-systems as needed. The maps can then incorporate large amounts of information without becoming overwhelming - users navigate seamlessly from the simple 'big picture' view to the complexity in the details, zooming into specific areas of the map, when needed.

Integrated information
The digital platform Integrates information between visual elements and the back-end database. It holds various media: quantitative graphs, reference documents, animations & videos, external websites.
Mapping through layers

Engagement and Communication Tool

Elegant layout
A smart and creative style, making use of colors, icons, layers and animations, remove the ‘fear of complexity’ and, dare we say, make the maps attractive to be explored.

Interactivity & intuitive navigation
The platform offers choices on how to interact with the maps: sit back and watch video/animated explanations; click-through predefined map views along with text descriptions; or explore the map on your own using the intuitive navigation. A survey enables users to provide input to enrich the maps.
voice over demo