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Latest Projects

Gender Finance map example

Race to Zero Built Environment System Map

This map was designed to equip stakeholders for radical collaboration across the built environment system. It is an interactive space for policymakers, businesses, investors, innovators and citizens alike to explore and visualise their individual and collective roles in the transition to a net zero built environment. Learn how we can make breakthrough happen with ambitious and synchronised collaboration that delivers the transformation we need.

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Gender Finance map example

Economic System Map

While the current economic system has transformed the lives of many for the better, it has taken a heavy toll on societies and planetary ecosystems. We can do better. With this aim, Laudes Foundation and Nexial created this map as a tool to stimulate collaborative action towards a climate-positive and more inclusive economy. The world has a deadline. Meeting this deadline will require an ambitious, collective, global response.

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Gender Finance map example

Gender Equality System Map

Social movements focused on gender equality are addressing outdated costly practices and complacent frames of mind throughout society. To help accelerate these social transformations, the Gender Equality System Map enables users to explore the multi-faceted, historical issues around gender that affect all of us, every day. With awareness at an all-time high, and the need for change made clearer every day, the time to work together to achieve gender equality is now.

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Previous Projects

Gender Finance System Map

The Gender Finance System Map presents an overview of the multi-faceted field of gender finance. This tool was designed to help facilitate conversations, and catalyse the concerted actions required to shift the system and allow gender finance to break-through at scale. This project was initiated in June 2018, sponsored by the Tara Health Foundation and led by Suzanne Biegel of Catalyst at Large.

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Gender Finance map example

Sustainable Finance Systems Map

The goal of the Tellus Mater Sustainable Finance System Map is to provide an integrated overview of the various efforts underway to transform finance into an efficient engine of green and equitable growth i.e. shifting capital flows away from ‘dirty’ industries and towards new more resource-efficient and sustainable enterprises. The map is the result of much desk-research, 50 interviews, a survey, and the critique of 5 workshops.

Forum for the Future Sustainable Water Movement

This Forum for the Future project convened multiple stakeholders to map the current water movement system, and then imagine what a more sustainable one might look like: one that moves away from ‘hard engineering’ solutions – such as dredging and flood defence walls – and towards solutions that work with the natural lanscape and local communities to provide lower impact, more resilient solutions.

For this project, as in many others, we developed both a 'structural map' and an 'influence' or 'causal loop' diagram. The structural map depicts a physical watershed; aligned with the relevant technologies, users, governance organizations, and regulations. The causal loop diagram shows the lines of influence that connect the water-management system, as well as the leverage points for intervention chosen by the project group.

Physical Activity System Nike | Designed to Move

Based on a comprehensive review of the relevant science, this is an integrated view of the many different factors that contribute to people being physically active. It was created to provide the foundation for the Designed to Move initiative.

Mental Capital and Wellbeing

For this project on Mental capital and wellbeing we mapped many different aspects of wellbeing through life, including:

  • Mental capital through life
  • Learning through life
  • Mental health & stigma
  • Wellbeing at work