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A Platform for System Change: Engaging, Mapping, Aligning

Science is unanimous in telling us that there is little time left for humanity to transform the economic system that is leading us to social and environmental crisis. Political movements proclaim that capitalism no longer works for everybody. Governments, NGOs, and businesses agitate for – or attempt to respond to - an agenda bigger than growth and profitability. And yet the response has not been revolutionary, not evolutionary, not anything close to what is required.

To address this paradox, nearly every recent advocate for change talks about the need for joined-up systemic change. However, the recognition of the need for systems change has been running far ahead of our ability to actually do systems change. To help fill this gap, we are working to build a coalition of stakeholders (from business, government, community, NGOs, financial institutions, media, etc), leaders who are already in the arena and trying to make change happen, and working with them to map the system.

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